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If you are like me, the idea of making profits through blogging has been captivating always. I cannot think of a less strenuous or even more fun way to get money without leaving your home. A favorite website or community can create thousands a month without inventory or over head costs. In the current blogging community, there are a large number of major websites offering free website building software. However, I’ve found that both most popular types are Blogger.wordPress and com. Let’s discuss a few of the professionals and cons of every service.

Blogger.com is not hard to work with, customizable, and free. Users are attracted to this ongoing service since it is very easy to hop into without website building experience. Blogger.com offers a fairly easy to utilize control -panel, several themes, and today even mini-programs for your website called “devices”. These gizmos make it easy to add custom elements to your website like mini-games, maps, and photography galleries. Where Blogger.com excels in my own view is the simplicity. No other program is really as user-friendly and instinctive as Blogger. That is my choice for new webmasters seeking to get in to the game.

Where Blogger comes lacking similar services is search engine marketing. If you wish to get serious traffic to your site, you will need to be sure your website is noticed by Google and other search engines. Blogger.com will not make it especially easy to improve the “in back of the moments” components of your sites, such as meta tags. Furthermore, customization is much less sturdy with Blogger.com. Sure, you can transform your theme, but it is not practically as easy to alter individual elements of your blog.

Customization is where WordPress shines. WordPress is open up source completely, meaning users create the styles, plug-ins, and web templates. With some basic CSS and HTML knowledge, webmasters can customize literally every aspect of their website, including meta tags and titles on pages. If you’re not really a coding master even, you will find loads of themes and plug-ins (just like gizmos on Blogger) that produce customization possible without coding. That is why WordPress is the website-building program of preference of so many large companies. Put simply, you can’t build a site to your exact technical specs on Blogger, Live Journal, or any other blogging program besides WordPress.

Overall, Blogger.com is a superb tool to make use of for new website owners. However, if you are buying completely customizable website with great search engine marketing features, WordPress is the best program for you. While WordPress requires a little bit more complex know-how, no other program offers you the possibility to make a 100% custom website.

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