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New customers usually contact me and have me, “MUST I have WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or a custom website for my business?” Despite the fact that the response to this question includes many factors, I walk them through ten major negatives of using this content Management System (CMS) like WordPress, Drupal and joomla, in order to make the right decision. Due to its importance and our know-how in custom request trends, I am motivated to write this short article. With regard to simplicity, I make reference to WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal as CMS in the others of the article:

I. Errors and bugs

It’s quite common to experience pests and errors anticipated to two reasons:

1. The CMS software engine unit updates at an increased frequency in accordance with other CMS plug-ins and libraries which in turn causes website glitches have a peek at these guys.

2. Sometimes a fresh version of 1 CMS plug-in can not work properly with another plug-in or catalogue which results in the web site malfunctioning.

II. Pain Of Maintenances

As I possessed mentioned, you need to view for all the software revisions or areas, and check them against every one of the plug-ins or libraries found in your website. The CMS ideas were designed for dynamic contents, like bloggers or news companies, than basic static websites with static material somewhat. As a total result, it isn’t a cost-effective choice for static-based websites.

III. Differentiation Matters

Company branding and individuality development starts off from a ongoing company website and/or a mobile App. No real matter what marketing budgets you have, customers associate your website with your products and, of course, your brand. It takes five-ten seconds after the first visit to a site to understand the company image and identity. The essence of differentiation is to stand your website right out of the competition while creating a feeling of uniqueness for what they get. Indeed, it is merely whenever your special organic and natural contents are along with a professional custom-made website that you get competitive advantage on the other competitors.

IV. Security Is Missing

I really do not respect CMS builders as developers in my opinion, since a higher school college student can publish a site in a couple of hours after seeing a few tutorial videos. Alas, a lot of the websites developed via CMS are done by individuals who have just a little (if any) track record in programming. Web sites built by CMS do not include pre-built security coverage options, nor do beginner programmers can protect your CMS website against the normal spammer, “Spider,” and/or hacker disorders. I’ve seen many CMS login and websites systems without security password encryptions for his or her users. This means that if someone accesses their database, every one of the user accounts will be compromised. Actually, recent studies show that individuals tend to use one account for all their online accounts.

V. Low of the E-Commerce Support

Due to too little customizations and poor securities, it is not highly recommended to utilize CMS for your business and e-commerce transactions. Also, every one of the e-commerce built-in plug-ins include lots of unnecessary tools and poor database designs, both which can impede your business productivity later on.

VI. High Turning Costs

A lot of the companies do not really know what will happen if 1 day they made a decision to migrate from a CMS website to a fresh one. Listed below are four things you will experience:

1. High cost of expert staffs for moving CMS articles to the new sites.

2. Website disorientations specifically for the active CMS web pages.

3. SEO disorientations since almost all of the CMS-based indexed pages will no longer be available in search results.

4. Database headache as CMS directories aren’t normalized for scalability.

VII. Insufficient Control

Building your website through CMS is to reside in susceptible to tons of plug-ins and libraries where you haven’t any control. You can find three results behind this:

1. As always, you get what you payed for, as if some paid CMS themes or plug-ins providers would inadequately (up to three weeks) react to your support demands with no responsibility for your business loss.

2. To keep your website ready to go, you need to follow other third-parties developers for minor patches or updates which is often very labor-intensive even.

3. Sometimes one catalogue will depend on other sub-plug-ins or exterior sources to execute properly which is merely a problem for maintenance groups.


I have difficult experience understanding why a simple five web page website for an accountant or an legal professional needs to be achieved in CMS using PHP as opposed to the lovely HTML program writing language. An HTML website has four advantages over the PHP one:

1. Simple maintenances

2. Low priced of maintenances in accordance with PHP.

3. Simple migration in one server to some other

4. Faster server response times and better customer experience.

IX. Mobile App Are Coming

Not merely do most CMS creators not need experience in mobile App innovations, but also do they know how to integrate a site with a mobile barely. Since the CMS is catching up for patches for web-mobile integrations just, it is best to think about this factor too.

You might think about why the CMS is extremely popular plus more websites choose it on a regular basis regardless of every one of the mentioned cons. It is due to three reasons:

1. They are enthusiasts and follow what others are doing without the foresights

2. They often have restricted costs, like start-ups or entrepreneurs

3. They have no idea of discussed disadvantages.

No real matter what has motivated your business to a CMS-based website, it is never past due to mend your website model and technique to streamline both website visitors and Smartphone holder activities. I am hoping these mentioned factors will shed enough lighting on the key negatives of CMS and show you through the right decision.

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